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If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.




It is always a pleasure to help our clients realize their long desired dream vacations come true. We are a team of enthusiastic young people who have already accumulated years of experience in tourism. It is our pride and determination to provide you with a second to none quality service. We have heard comments from visitors who were highly disappointed with the level of service their charter company provided. For example, there were problems regarding quality, convenience, cleanliness, and the maintenance of boats and rental properties, etc. For this reason, we have made a commitment to establish a company where customer satisfaction is our absolute, number one priority. Making our clients happy is truly our pride and joy. We do everything to ensure that every single guest has the best vacation possible. “Exceeding Your Expectations” is our motto – therefore we continually find ways to raise the standard of our service to you. Our steady growth is due to excellent customer service and in consistently delivering true value for the money. Over 70% of our customers have returned to book their holiday again with us. We believe that the reason for our success and growth comes from both our commitment to quality service and care, as well as a high level of expertise. What sets us apart from the other charter companies is the fact that we care enough to listen to what our clients really want. Second, we do all we can to provide the personalized services that you request, and third, we go the extra mile by providing exclusive booking privileges and “extra” services that you may not even have thought of! Above and beyond everything, we have a sincere passion and love for our Dalmatian homeland. We want to share with you our authentic customs which we think will improve the quality of your life as it has improved ours. The natural phenomena of Dalmatia’s celebratory spirit of life and health will attest to this. We want you to enjoy your vacation, while taking a little piece of Dalmatia’s spirit with you. We want you to recall your holidays with us as a secret paradise and cherished memory long after you return back home! Your satisfaction is our priority, because we don’t want to win just customers, but make international friends who will return to us again someday. “Don’t make just a reservation – experience Dalmatia! Come to our shores and create wonderful memories. Awaken your senses, and uncover your dream. Live it!”

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